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Ball Mill Classifying Production Line

Ball Mill Classifying Production Line

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Working Principle :

  • Process directly from IVA Germany, and is up to international standard of non-metallic mineral processing line.
  • Process flow includes crushing (normally 2 stages of crushing), milling, classifying, packing, silos, conveying, bucket elevator, etc. Ball mill connected with several classifiers in series or in parallel, to produce several sizes of product.
  • Ball mill and air classifier is in a closed-loop system.
  • The choice of ball mill depends on mineral hardness, grind-ability, fineness target, and production capacity.
  • The shape of liner and recipe of grinding media are made on the base of our years engineering experience, to improve milling efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • The choice of air classifiers depends on product fineness target.
  • FW classifier is good for production of fine powder from d97: 3micron to 20micron, FL classifier is good for production of fine powder from d97: 8micron to 45micron, and each type of classifier can be adjusted for wide production requirement and market demand.
  • When one production line is required to produce several products, we use several classifiers in series.
  • Optimized combination of coarse powder and fine powder production, to ensure lowest energy consumption, most easy adjustment of particle size distribution, and fewest over grinding in ball mill.
  • We can design different plant structure and plant layout according to customers’ investment plan, and offer most cost effective system.
  • For example, we use no single-layer workshop for production capacity smaller than 20,000 tons a year, and use screw conveyor for material conveying, and pack product manually by worker; we use multi-layer workshop for production capacity bigger than 20,000 tons a yearm and use pneumatic conveyor for material conveying, and pack product by automatic packing machine with palletizing system.
  • For environment protection, we use special design, minimize nose level by noise absorption and flexible connection, and minimize dust emission by best quality filter.
  • Our control system uses program controller to control the whole production process, from feeding silo, grinding and classifying to product packing.
  • We can offer other service, like mineral beneficiation, surface coating, pelletizing, modification of existing plant.

Applications:-minerals,flyash etc.

Features :

  • Ball mill production lline design up to the requirement of filler mineral processing in Germany, different from traditional cement ball mill and metallurgical mill.
  • Length-to-diameter factor of ball mill is optimized, to avoid over grinding and achieve the best grinding effect.
  • Outlet part discharges powder fluently, no dilating, and not necessary to cooling the tube.
  • Material discharge from outlet grit fluently, no swelling of mill chamber, no need cooling of mill chamber
  • Grinding media chosen for production of different fineness.
  • Grinding agent added for ultrafine powder production to improve grinding efficiency
  • Perfect match between drive station and energy consumption of grinding, energy saving to the fullest extent possible.
  • Forming a closed system with air classifier, no dust emission pollution because of negative-pressure powder conveying
  • Shape and material of liner and grinding media optimized according to German requirement, low break rate, and grinding efficiency improved.
  • For hard mineral, we have Ferro free design. Liner and grinding media made of alumina ceramics, quartz, SILEX or special material.